On The Move

Navigating UTEP's Campus Transformation

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are being taken to protect the various trees, plants, and other vegetation during the construction phase of UTEP’s campus transformation?

Vegetation that will remain as part of the project is being protected via fencing and wood planking. The location of the fence and protection strategy depend on the plant type and size.

What happens to the construction waste from the various Campus Transformation construction zones?

The project has several ambitious goals regarding construction waste. The design consultants and contractor are working together to either reuse or recycle 75% of the structural materials, 95% of the roads/infrastructure and 100% of the waste rock, soils and vegetative materials. An extensive waste management plan has been created to guide and document the reuse and recycling of all materials removed from the project site.

What other natural resources are affected during the construction phases?

Extensive measures are being taken to minimize damage to the project area and surrounding region. Working together, the design consultants and contractor have developed construction strategies to gather and cleanse stormwater runoff, reduce air pollutants and minimize waste. The project is also emphasizing the use of recycled materials and services from local contractors and manufacturers, which not only will benefit the environment but also the economy of the El Paso region.

I’m a visitor to the UTEP campus. Where do I park during UTEP’s normal business hours?

Community Service Guards located at the east and west entrances to campus on University Avenue will direct visitors to the nearest visitor parking. There are four areas designated as visitor parking locations:

-Union Building East IC-7 parking lot
-V-1 lot at the Mike Loya Academic Services Building off Hawthorne Street at Schuster Avenue
-Sun Bowl Parking Garage on Sun Bowl Drive just north of the roundabout. Enter through the garage's south entrance, near the University Bookstore. -IC-6 lot next to Kelly Hall off Sun Bowl Drive

How will the various campus transformation projects affect parking on campus?

The University has actually seen a net gain in parking spaces as a result of the parking garage structures built on the perimeters of the campus. Once the projects are completed, UTEP will have 1,577 parking spaces across campus.

Why is UTEP installing traffic control gates at the east and west entrances of University Avenue?

The control gates will help manage the flow of traffic allowing only vehicles with orange and red inner-campus parking permits to pass through the gates from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays.

Many visitors to campus will have temporary event passes, VIP passes, or media passes, and they will access campus through the lanes marked for visitors at the University Avenue entrances.

For those who do not have a temporary pass, Community Service Guards located at the east and west entrances of University Avenue will instruct visitors to the nearest visitor parking.

Will UTEP limit vehicular traffic through its campus?

Yes, as other Campus Transformation projects begin later in 2013, the University will restrict vehicular traffic through campus. These projects will be constructed over the next few years. As the University moves to restrict vehicular traffic through campus, visitors will be directed to parking garages located on the perimeter of campus.

Will I be able to drop someone off on-campus?

Students who typically enter campus from the east end of University Avenue and Mesa Avenue should use the P-11 and P-12 lots on Oregon Street near the Don Haskins Center and Glory Road Terminal as their drop-off point. Students can then get on the Miner Metro Shuttle.

On the west end of University Avenue near the UTEP bookstore, students can be dropped off at the S-3 lot near the Mining Minds pick and UTEP roundabout.

There are two drop-off locations for students on the south end of campus near the Mike Loya Academic Services Building off Schuster Avenue. Those drop-off lots are P-1 and P-2.

Students should avoid being dropped off curbside near any of the entrances to campus. Instead, students are asked to use the designated drop-off locations.

Will the campus wireless network be impacted by the construction projects?

The wireless network will not be disrupted during the campus transformation.

Also, as part of the campus’ network infrastructure, the Telecommunication Department is undertaking a wireless infrastructure project upgrade to greatly enhance the access to the network using mobile devices (smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc.) throughout campus over the upcoming years.

Additional information on the campus wireless network can be found at http://wireless.utep.edu.

Will the construction impact classes?

Classes will not be impacted by the campus transformation projects.

Will I be able to access the Library?

Yes, access will be available to the Library during normal hours of operation. Please visit http://libraryweb.utep.edu for more information about the UTEP Library and hours of operation.

Besides the installation of traffic control gates for University Avenue, what other construction projects are planned?

UTEP expects the following projects to get underway in 2013:

Wiggins Road construction, which includes a multi-level plaza, shade trees, curving benches and solar lighting, should begin in the spring of 2013. Construction will close Wiggins Road from the UTEP Library to the intersection of Wiggins and Rim Road and will reopen May 2013. Construction is expected to last five months.

Sun Bowl Drive widening is expected to begin in March, and will last for approximately 15 months. In addition to widening Sun Bowl to four lanes, a new roundabout will be installed at Glory Road and Sun Bowl Drive.

Construction of Centennial Plaza, to be located in the middle of campus and replacing Memorial Triangle, is expected to begin in May. This will permanently close University Avenue through campus. Centennial Plaza will include a large open area, where the campus community mccand visitors can congregate. A paseo for strolling, socializing, relaxing, or studying will be shaded by groves of native mesquite trees. The anticipated completion of construction is late summer to early fall of 2014.

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